Making the Most out of Your Online Casino

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When signing up to an online casino you’ll want to make the most of it, getting the maximum amount of enjoyment from your casino of choice. And indeed why not? It’s your cash and more to the point it’s your free time you are spending there. Here are a few pointers on how to get the most from your online casino, and while most of them seem obvious maybe you can use one or two of them to get everything you can out of your online casino experience.

The Welcome Bonus and Reloads

Use the welcome bonus! It may seem obvious, but you’ll be surprised at how many people rush through the signup process, head on over to the casino cashier and forget all about the welcome bonus. While some casinos will reward you with this automatically, others will not and you have to enter the bonus code, so stop, take a few seconds out and make sure you are getting rewarded right from the off.

Take advantage of regular reload bonuses! You may see the reload bonuses on offer, but do you know exactly when your casino offers them? Some casinos will post a reload bonus schedule on their site and stick to it throughout the month, some maybe it’s a weekly schedule, so how do you take advantage of that? Let’s say you have some free time put aside to play your favorite game on a Wednesday evening. Why not check out the bonus schedule earlier as it may be a case that there is a bonus available on Monday or Tuesday but not on the day you wish to play. Not a problem, simply deposit earlier and let the funds sit there until you are ready. Always check the schedule and reload your account on days when bonuses will be available, this will give you plenty of extra free cash.

Monthly Promotions and Social Media

Look for the big monthly promotions! Online casinos throw out plenty of promotions and it’s always worth checking these out. It may be the case that you are not interested at all, however if it’s a simple case of playing a game that you enjoy to join in on a leaderboard, or for draw tickets, then you may as well participate. You may have to opt in to the promo, and if it’s just a case of clicking on a button for the chance of extra cash, then you may as well go for it. It’s all too often the case that players don’t enter free giveaways due to the fact that they believe they just won’t win, you could win something, however you sure won’t win if you don’t give it a try.

Use social media! If you have a Facebook account, a Google+ account or a Twiiter account then follow, and like your casinos of choice on all of them. You’ll find that many online casinos use these channels to offer special promotions and bonuses and they will always post reminders of reload bonuses and big promo’s too.

Mark casino emails as safe! When you have signed up at the casino, you’ll start to receive emails from them and it’s always a good idea to mark these emails as safe so that they will be delivered to your inbox and not disappear into your spam. You never know, you could miss out on the promotion that’s just for you.