Mobile Gaming Set to Expand to 44% by 2021

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By 2021 it's expected that mobile gambling will account for over €19 billion, which will account for almost 44% of gross gambling wins, and over 5% of all gambling winnings. This is according to H2 Gambling Capital in their recently released report, “Mobile: the Future of Interactive Gaming”. The new figures are a sizable jump from the value H2 placed on the sector in 2012; €14.5 billion or just over 18% of gross gambling win last year.

The numbers from 2012 were a large jump in themselves, in 2010 the figure was only €2.4 billion and most of that was due to the online betting of Asian horseracing. The Hong Kong Jockey Club and the Japanese Racing Association accounted for over half of that figure. Now, as European markets are regulating online gaming that has decreased to less than 40% of gross gambling win and with U.S. markets beginning to emerge it seems likely that number will decrease even further.

Mobile Device Strength a Large Factor in Mobile Gaming Expansion

Over 75% of online gaming gross win still comes from online betting, but that is set to change as mobile gaming and lotteries emerge into the market. Mobile gaming numbers are expected to match traditional online gaming in approximately five years. H2 Gambling stated that gaming “has been slower to take off on mobile devices as it requires increased device capability to support the enhanced graphics and sustained play”. Thus, it stands to reason that as mobile devices gain more processor speed and battery life it will allow for more complex programs that will support online gaming in those formats. H2 believes that although most gaming revenue will still come from onshore gaming due to the PC market that the split between offshore and onshore does vary by market. H2 stated, “This difference is further adoption of mobile devices in regulating markets and supply-led demand brought about by the enhanced product offering from the larger established licensees”.

H2's Global Mobile Gaming Dataset

Mobile gaming has started to expand over the last few years and H2’s dataset is the most detailed data produced so far. The data is focused on market by market analysis and geography of smartphone penetration, as well as product analysis of certain countries around the world. H2 uses very detailed information and has had access to this new Global Mobile Gaming Dataset for 12 months.

It is a fact that mobile gaming will expand as a result of many factors, as mobile devices become faster and more powerful, which in turn will allow for more comprehensive software programs that will support online gaming and make it more available. How much of the gaming market that mobile gaming will take remains to be seen, but it is a sure thing that it will continue to grow and expand.