Slots News

Slots is a generic term for the many games that are offered. There are so many different types of slots found at the online casino and the mobile casino. The slots include games with special bonus offers on screen and off screen, games with increasing bonuses and games with free spins and changing paylines. When choosing which slots game to play it is important to first understand what the game is offering and then also to try out the game for fun before embarking on a real money game.

Three Reel Slots

The main types of slots are three reel slots or five reel slots. Three reel slots are thought of as the classic slots games. The original slots games known as one armed bandits had a lever at the side of the machine that was pulled and this set three drums spinning. On the drums were different images and where the drums came to rest inside a window determined the outcome of the game. Today the three reel slots games are much more sophisticated than that although there are still many three reel games to choose from that hold just one payline. These games also include nudges, holds and wild symbols. Players can place single coin bets or multiple coin bets depending on what their budget is. The results of the spinning reels still determines the payouts and with the three reel games most of the pay tables appear on the side of the screen where the player can see what he is aiming for.

5 Reel Video Slots

The video slots or five reel slots are much more complex games and include five reels with multiple paylines. These games include games with wild symbols that act as substitutes, there are scatter symbols that multiply winnings and there are bonus symbols that lead to on and off screen bonus games. The bonus games include free spins, pick and win bonuses, and all sorts of other exciting and creative ways to win money such as spinning a wheel or taking part in a competition, kicking a ball and more.

Themes of Slots

The content of the slots games is what determines the outcome of the game but the theme of the game may be what attracts the player to the game. There are so many different themes and styles to the games whether it is current affairs, sports, make believe or more. The player can choose any time of theme that he wants and in many instances he also learns something about the the theme when he plays the game whether it is a historical fact or something about sport.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots must be mentioned on their own. Progressive games are played in the same way as regular slots games with the added bonus of a progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot can be won from landing a configuration of symbols or won totally at random. Each progressive jackpot grows with the more players that join the game, a small portion of each bet is taken towards the progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpots can reach huge levels and these add extra benefits to the player who is already enjoying the base game. The slots offer players so many options and it sometimes takes a while to understand all that is offered but once understood it is definitely worth every minute of playing them!