Progressive Slots for US Players

Slots players adore hitting the big wins and they don’t come any bigger than the wins offered on progressive jackpot slots. Almost all online casinos that cater for US players will offer you the chance to play on progressive jackpot slots, in fact they are a reason why many people sign up and deposit in the first place. They offer prizes like no other casino games around and when these jackpots drop, they payout life changing sums, the kind of money that dreams are made of. They are of course to be found in large Las Vegas casinos and they have made the transition to the online casino so smoothly with all US leading slots providers having their very own progressive jackpot network of slots.

Playing Progressive Jackpot Slots

If you’ve never played progressive slots before then don’t be put off by the title, this simply means that they are linked to a progressive jackpot, and nothing more. Progressive slots are in fact regular 5 reel video slots, or sometimes 3 reel classic slots just the same as any other, with the added feature of the huge bonus. Progressive slots will come with plenty of features, features that you would find on normal 5 reel video slots such as bonus rounds freespins, wild and scatter symbols and more. Think of the progressive jackpot as an extra feature, a very large amount of cash paying feature.

How Progressive Jackpots Work

These huge jackpots are built up due to the fact that a progressive slot is linked to a network of slots. Each time a slots player makes a wager on a progressive slot a tiny amount of that wager is taken and placed in the progressive jackpot. With so many players spinning the reels on the same slot in different casinos the numbers build up very quickly. As you are playing the slot, you’ll see the jackpot displayed, and you’ll also see it growing. Many progressive slots pay the jackpot randomly and you just never know when it will be paid, but one thing's for sure, it does pay! After the jackpot is won it will start from a small amount, but never zero, as a tiny amount is kept back to begin the process all over again.

Do Progressive Slots Really Pay that Much?

The easy answer to that is yes they do. Remember that the casino itself already has the money in the progressive slot jackpot, it has already been taken, little by little from every wager that has been made on the progressive slot. All US casinos expect the jackpot to blow at some stage, and they are used to it, it comes as no surprise. In fact, casinos want it to be their casino that pays the jackpot...there’s nothing like the good publicity of paying out such huge sums of money! US online slots players simply adore progressive jackpot slots and their numbers continue to grow, with casinos adding new titles all the time. They are extremely entertaining with the allure of hitting that huge cash prize is really adding to thrill.