USA Themed Online Slots

Gods of Luxor Slots
Slots were invented in the US. The first ever slot was invented by Charles Fey and he called it Liberty simply don’t get much more American than that! Liberty Bell was invented in 1895 and was a simple 3 reel machine that could calculate payouts on winning combinations. It was an instant hit and Fey simply couldn’t build enough of them, and this led to the machine being copied by many people. In 1907 Herbert Mills built the Operator Bell, and the Bell machines sold all across the US starting the industry that we know today. Slots have moved on greatly and now we’re at the stage where many of us play our favorite slots online, but one thing has remained a constant, and that’s US themes in slots.

From Liberty Bell to Right Now!

Although Liberty Bell didn’t offer the player much in the way of an all out US theme, it was the start of what was to come, and now we have online slots with US themes in abundance. The US is vast and and enjoys such a diverse and colorful history and you’ll find online slots that celebrate landmark events and periods of time throughout that history. The Stars and Stripes feature in many slots giving players that patriotic feeling when enjoying their game of choice and you’ll find plenty of aspects of American life on the reels. US sports themes are also popular with many players and you’ll see football themes, baseball and basketball themes and plenty of varieties of them too. The American Eagle is also to be found in abundance on the reels, as are native American Indians, Cowboys and way out west themes of all kinds from rustling cattle to panning for gold, it’s all there. Online slots can take you right through the years, up to the present day even, with online slots featuring the latest music and blockbuster films straight out of Hollywood. Whatever you love about the United States of America, you will be able to enjoy it on the reels!

US Online Casinos and Slots

US themed online slots will be available in the many online casinos that cater for the US based slots player. You’ll find that when you get signed up to your casino of choice it will be tailored for players based in the US, with deposit methods that work for US players, as well as payout methods that get your winnings directly back to you. Customer support will be of the standard you expect, and it will be available around the clock in almost all casinos, ready to help you should you need it.